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Her Name is Mrs. Dhakshini Fernando de Silva.

She was born to a wealthy Buddhist family in Panadura. She was educated at Panadura Balika Vidyalaya.

Her parents are the late Mr. sss Fernando and the late Mrs. Leela Fernando. She has only one brother the late Mr. Tissa Fernando.

D…. was always interested in music, literature, sports since she was very little. She had guidance from her mother, father and older brother.
After finishing schooling, she spent time in teaching music to students, writing poetry.

Dhakshini likes to continue to contribute to the literature by dedicating her time to write poems. She contributes poems to Suhada Hamuwa, Vihanga Geethaya, Sithuwili Adawiya, Swarna Bhoomi, Adaraye Navathena, Hanthana Adawiya, Anantha Hengum, Panhindak Newathuna Thenak, Thunhele Panhida, Wassana Prarthana, Hada Vimandora. Kaviyaka Arumaya, Hadawatha Emathumak, Senehase Kedella, Kawi Mini Muthu, Panhindaka Chamthkaraya, Pahan Weta, Kawi Hada Wila, Vihansa Sahitha Ambara and London kawi e magazine. She has received many appreciations from all of them.

Dhakshini is very talented with the art of painting too. She had art exhibitions at BMICH. D……. is very interested in helping others, philantrophy is something closer to her heart.

She stronglcy believes that we come to the world with nothing and go back with nothing. She also, believes, in Karma and rebirth.
Dhakshini is married to Mr. Hemal Ranganath de Silva who was an engineer by profession.

Hemal is a great supporter for Dhakshini’s continued contribution towards her art, literature.

Both the husband Hemal and wife Dhakshini are strong believers in the following.

Literary Arts inspire, enrich, educate, and entertain. They remind us that there is beauty and joy in language, that others have insights worth paying attention to, that in our struggles we are not alone.

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